CHS Athletic Boosters




The CHS Athletic Booster Club is a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization that supports ALL sports teams at CHS. Similar to the way the CHS parent club supports the students and faculty, the Athletic Booster Club supports the CHS athletes and coaches.

Concessions are a big part of where our funds come from. Did you know that by volunteering in concessions, you support all teams at CHS, not just the team/sport playing at that moment or season? 

When you volunteer to work a shift in concessions, you support the ABC. When you attend a home game and purchase a food or drink item, you support the ABC. CHS students can volunteer to work in concessions AND get community service hours towards their graduation requirement. That’s a WIN-WIN! We know you want to watch your athlete when they are on the field, court or in the pool. Think about volunteering to work in concessions for a sport other than your own or during your off-season. We have 37 teams, divided into three seasons for freshman, JV, and varsity for Boys/Girls. That’s a lot of pizza and hot dogs!

Concessions are not just for football, there are concessions throughout the year during basketball, volleyball, water polo, and swimming, baseball, softball, track, lacrosse and wrestling! Sports equipment, uniforms, supplies, and team transportation are just a few ways the funds raised through the Boosters support our teams.


Christopher High School Athletic Booster Club awards a scholarship to several senior athletes each year at the Senior Awards Ceremony. This scholarship is open to all Christopher High School graduating seniors.

Candidates are evaluated on the following:

  • Athletics – must have participated at the Varsity level, in one or more sports.
  • Academics – must have a total cumulative GPA (3 ½ years) of 3.0 higher.
  • Attitude – must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, leadership and moral character.
  • Community Service – must have completed 80 volunteer hours per graduation requirements.

Click here for details and to download the application