Driver Information Page

Effective 3/21/2022, the GUSD has restarted the volunteer clearance process.  The following document provides information regarding this new process.

Immediate Steps to Take

  1. All volunteers (even if previously cleared) must re-apply.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the volunteer website:

Processing New Volunteers / Volunteer Drivers

  1. All parents who are interested in volunteering or become a volunteer driver (secondary only) will be processed in our new online portal.


  2. All volunteer drivers must be processed as a volunteer first.

  3. Steps in the Process for Volunteers

    1. Candidate completes volunteer interest form ( – on the website

    2. Candidate receives an email from volunteer registration portal (TalentED)

    3. Candidate completes all assignments and required items in the system.

      1. Driver candidates complete all assignments and required items in the system after being cleared as a volunteer.

    4. Aeries is updated by HR with an expiration date on the parent contact (Fields VOL Exp; DRV Exp).

    5. Candidate is informed via email that the process has been completed and they are directed to follow up with the school for next steps.

  4. All volunteer clearance expires at the end of the year and volunteers are required to recertify each year (recertification is a shorter process).

  5. For GUSD employees who are requesting to be cleared volunteers, they will still need to go through our system, but several steps can be skipped (HR will work directly with the employee after a request is sent).

  6. HR will be working with sites to provide on-site support to help future volunteers who need technical assistance with the portal.  Stay tuned.

Please contact Ryan Dequin ( with any questions.