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Volunteer Driver Info & Release Forms

All volunteer drivers (middle and high school only) must complete the GUSD Volunteer Clearance Process, including those volunteers who were cleared prior to the COVID-19 shutdown in March 2020.

  • To complete the Volunteer Clearance process: 

    • Candidate completes volunteer interest form.

    • Candidate receives an email from volunteer registration portal (TalentED)

    • Candidate completes all assignments and required items in the system.  

      • Driver candidates complete additional assignments and required items in the system after being cleared as a volunteer.

    • Aeries is updated by HR with an expiration date on the parent contact

    • Candidate is informed via email that the process has been completed and they are directed to follow up with the school for next steps.

  • All volunteer driver clearance expires at the end of the year and volunteers are required to recertify each year (recertification is a shorter process).

Please contact Ryan Dequin ( with any questions.