Distance Learning

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Check your AERIES for links to your classes.  Zoom meetings and Google Classroom access can happen from AERIES.
Your Academic Coordinator is working to fix any errors in schedules.  We do not change schedules because of preference.

Google, Chromebook Issues and Zoom Login Problems - Call District IT @ 669-205-4060

Parent Square - You will be getting communications from CHS through Parent Square. Parent Accounts will be activated this evening.  Look for an activation email from Parent Square.  Parent Square Questions - Call 408-722-8414

CHS is committed to providing a rigorous learning experience.  Students will be attending classes Monday-Friday from 8-1pm.  After 1pm, will be dedicated office hours for support of students and parents, and curriculum planning.  Teachers will be taking roll daily in their online sessions and curricula will be graded in the traditional manner.  Students are expected to attend their classes through Zoom and check in with their teachers.  

Download .pdf with working hyperlinks: click here

** Information changes by the day/hour/week.  Please check back for updates.  Many issues and policies change due to the policies from CDC, State/County Dept. of Public Health, GUSD, etc.


 Zero Period  7:05am  7:50am
 Passing 7:50 am 8:00 am
1st Period 8:00am 9:15am
Passing 9:15am 9:25am
3rd Period 9:25am 10:40am
Break 10:40am 11:10am
5th Period 11:10am 12:25 pm
Lunch 12:25 pm 1:05 pm
Teacher Office Hours 1:05 pm 3:00 pm

 7th Period meets Tu/Wed/Th/Fri from 3:00-4:00pm

 Zero Period  7:05am  7:50am
 Passing 7:50 am 8:00 am
2nd Period 8:00am 9:15am
Passing 9:15 am 9:25 am
4th Period 9:25am 10:40am
Break 10:40 am 11:10 am
6th Period 11:10am 12:25 pm
Lunch 12:25 pm 1:05pm
Teacher Office Hours 1:05 pm 3:00p m


PERIODS 1-6 ( No Zero Period)
 1st Period 8:00am  8:35am
 Passing 8:35am 8:40am
2nd Period 8:40am 9:15am
Passing 9:15am 9:20am
3rd Period 9:20am 9:55am
Break 9:55am 10:15am
4th Period 10:15am 10:50pm
Passing 10:50am 10:55am
5th Period 10:55 am 11:30 am
Passing 11:30am 11:35am
6th Period 11:35 am 12:10 pm
LUNCH 12:10pm 12:50 pm
Professional Time 12:50 pm 1:40 pm