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Administration / Staff Directory


  Berggren, Julie   Assistant Principal
  Dirks, Jeremy   Principal
  Kuwada, Eric   Assistant Principal


Email Dequin, Ryan Dequin, Ryan   Athletic Director
Email Hennessy, Gloria Yoder-Shrock, Gretchen  (408) 843-4134 Activities Director, Leadership, Student Government, Community Service Rep.

Academic Coordinators

Marah Kuwada- Academic Coordinator- Full Time
Direct: 669-205-5322 Ext: 241022
Rosie Cid-Castro 
- Academic Coordinator - Full Time; Department Chair
Direct: 669-205-5323 Ext: 241023
Donya Maiorino 
-Academic Coordinator- 80%
Off on Thursdays
Direct: 669-205-5321 Ext: 241021
Brenda Garibay
- Academic Coordinator/Cal-SOAP Counselor- Full Time
Direct: 669-205-5320 Ext: 241020
Students with last names beginning with

Support Staff

Email Carbonel, Cora Carbonel, Cora (408) 843-4130 ASB Accountant
Email Gallego, Lynne Gallego, Lynne   Speech Therapist
Email Lemus, Kimberly Lemus, Kimberly (408) 843-4128 Office Coordinator
Email Matsuhara, Vivian Matsuhara, Vivian (408) 337-3714 Student Services Secretary
Email Mendoza, Rachel Mendoza, Rachel (408) 843-4187 Discipline Secretary
Email Pasillas, Lisa Pasillas, Lisa (408) 843-4129 Registrar
Email Rojas, Delfina Rojas, Delfina   Librarian
Email Vernon, Melissa Vernon, Melissa (408) 843-4336 ex.2602 Attendance Liaison