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Graduation Ceremony Information

Graduation Information

This is graduation ceremony for the Class of 2018. The ceremony begins at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, June 8th in our quad.  Here's some information to make sure you can plan with family and friends. 


  • Graduates will receive 10 tickets for family and friends to attend ceremony.  ALL GUESTS MUST HAVE A TICKET TO ENTER THE CEREMONY.  This includes children who can walk.  Babies do not need a ticket to enter.  Strollers should not be taken into the seating area.  They can be left in the back of the quad.
  • There are no extra tickets.  If you need more, you will need to ask other families for any extra tickets.  PLEASE DO NOT SELL TICKETS TO FAMILIES IN NEED.  This goes against everything this ceremony represents.  Persons should not be seeking a profit for something that is given to them for free.  It is a directive from our superintendent but more importantly staff and administration feel parents should not incur any cost just to watch their child receive their diploma.
  • Parking is open and on a first come basis.  PARKING IS EXTREMELY LIMITED SO YOU MIGHT NEED TO PARK IN ADJACENT NEIGHBORHOODS AND WALK TO THE CEREMONY  DO NOT block any driveways, hydrants, or access points around the neighborhood.  You will be ticketed and towed if you do.  Respect the residents around CHS if parking in their neighborhood.  Park correctly, do not leave any trash or litter, and drive slow and safe when coming or going.
  • Gates will open at 4:30 p.m.  You may access the front and back gates to gain entry into the quad for ceremony.  Try to have as many in your group with you upon entrance but understand guests usually save seats for their friends and family.  Please do not get upset or confront others.  This is a celebration that should not be marred by verbal or physical interactions.  There will be enough seats for everyone.  If you want a certain area of seating, arrive early.  Treat each other with respect and enjoy the day.  With 5,000 guests in attendance, it is easy to "stress" out.  Try to breathe deep and go with the flow.
  •  There will be a designated area for disabled/senior guests.  This will be located on the west side of the quad nearest the E building.  This area will provide shaded seats.  Seating is on a first come basis and cannot be reserved in advanced.  Guests seated in this area are allowed only ONE guest to sit with them.  All other family members must sit in the general seating area.  For those guests who cannot walk long distances, cart service to transport them to this area will be available in the back gate entrance.
  • Water will be available for a small price.  Our classes of 2019, 2020, and 2021 will sell water at various locations in the quad.  OUTSIDE FOOD AND BEVERAGE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED!!!  Do not bring anything to eat or drink into the ceremony.  Items needed for the care of babies are allowed.  Water, baby food, etc. will be allowed but subject to search.
  • Balloons will not be allowed into the ceremony.  They block the view of other guests and you will be turned away at the gate.  Leave the balloons in the car for after the ceremony.  Wagons or carts, shade structures are not allowed.  ARTIFICIAL NOISEMAKERS are not allowed.  Air horns and other devices will be confiscated and you will be removed from the ceremony if you bring one in and use it.  Please do not bring these items into the ceremony event.
  • Graduates must arrive in their assigned room no later than 5:00 p.m.  Graduates will be sequestered prior to ceremony so please do not try to access their room.  Anything you need to give them must be done before they report to their assigned room at 5:00 p.m.
  • Pictures during the ceremony will be taken by our vendor and available for purchase on our website after ceremony.  You may also take photos from a designated area behind the graduates in the center of the quad.  This area is for photos only.  Do not stand and watch the ceremony.  Seating near this area can result in a limited view of the stage so be aware of your seat location.
  • Please make a plan with your graduate to meet once the Class of 2018 recess out of the quad.  Graduates will leave and all guests will be held back allowing the graduates to walk out.  Once out in front of the school, pick a location AWAY from the breezeway to meet.  Flag pole, grass area, black box, etc. are good spots to meet.  Once the ceremony is over and graduates are out, FEEL FREE TO RE-ENTER THE QUAD AND TAKE PICTURES ON OR AROUND THE STAGE WITH YOUR GRADUATE, FAMILY, AND FRIENDS.  Capture this great time and event.

Finally, this is a great celebration.  At the same time, there is a lot going on with a lot of people in attendance.  Please bring a good attitude, relaxed vibe, and a whole lot of patience to our event.  It is a very special event for your graduate and your family.  Things will be crazy and hectic, so make sure to be patient and understanding with each other.  We're all there for the same reason, to celebrate the great accomplishments of our children.  Please expect more updates from me as we get closer and any questions, please message me through School Loop if needed.  Thank you.


Mr. K