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Academic Honestly Policy


With the desire to prepare students for the demands of college, we take cheating, copying and plagiarizing seriously. For students who take part in academic dishonesty, teachers will utilize the following protocol:

  1. Student receives a zero for the assignment and cannot make up the assignment in question.
  2. Student receives a referral for academic dishonesty.
  3. Student receives further consequences from administration when warranted.
  4. Parents receive a phone call and an offer to set up a parent-teacher conference from teacher of record.

Academic Honesty Policy

Academic integrity is a priority at CHS. Any student committing offenses of cheating, copying, plagiarizing, misrepresentation of student work, or acts that are similar in nature will be subject to consequences. The first offense will result in no credit on the assignment(s) and a parent-teacher conference. Subsequent offenses will result in no credit on the assignment(s) and school consequences including Saturday School and suspension where warranted. Continued academic fraud or dishonesty could result in transfer to an alternative site or placement in another program.