Schedule & Procedures

  • ASB Office Hours:  7:30 – 3:30 Monday through Friday.

***Accounting Office (Cora): 7:30 – 3:30 Tuesday through Friday. ***                          

  • Fundraising Approval Requests and Requisitions approved by ASB on Wednesdays. Submit by Tuesday at 4:00pm to be placed on the following day’s ASB agenda.
  • Requisitions (P.O.s and payments) processed every Thursday.
  • Account Detail Reports will be emailed upon request.


Please be advised that IRS formW-9 is required of all new vendors, consultants, or other service providers prior to payment of invoices. Check with Cora to see if your vendor is on the approved list.




For those who are doing fundraisers, please use the following cash handling guidelines:

  • Turn in your money at least weekly to the ASB Office for deposit.  All monies must be deposited. Never spend your fundraising cash.  Expenses must be processed through normal ASB procedures (requisitions).
  • When accepting checks from students, please write the student’s first and last name and the name of the fundraiser on the memo line of the check.  This helps in collection, if a check is returned from the bank.
  • Don’t forget…All fundraisers require prior approval from the Associated Student Body (fundraising packet available in the ASB Office and on line) and the Income Statement of Fundraising Activity form must be turned in at the completion of your fundraiser.  This is very important as these forms are reviewed during our annual audit.
  • The Fundraising Calendar is posted in the ASB Accounting office. Your event will be posted after it is approved.
  • Payments to vendors will not be authorized without fundraising approval and final completion of the Income Statement of fundraising Activity report form.

Club Accounts

Club Accounts

All requisitions are required to be signed by the club advisor and the club student representative.  Income (regardless of source) must always be deposited and purchases must be submitted using the Requisition Form.


What’s the difference between ASB accounts and other accounts?

Unlike school department (buy-out), site discretionary, or categorical (restricted) accounts, an Associated Student Body (ASB) account is housed and operated at the school site level via our ASB organization.  Individual ASB accounts are attached to student clubs, activities, athletic teams, classes, etc. under the direction of Advisors with the supervision of the Activities Director (using guidelines established by Ed. Code and our Board of Education.)  ASB income and expenses use a separate set of forms and approval processes from the normal District procedures (but similar in nature).


The most important guideline to keep in mind is that all orders, purchases and expenses must have PRIOR APPROVAL BY A STUDENT FROM YOUR ORGANIZATION, AND THEN BY THE ASB OFFICERS BEFORE ANY PURCHASES ARE MADE.


We are not able to access ASB funds to reimburse the purchaser after the purchase was already made. In other words, if you make a purchase, and then ask to get your money back out of an ASB account, the ASB office will not be able to pay you.


Please be sure to plan ahead, get those student signatures, and submit a requisition form. Your vendors will be paid directly from your ASB account.