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Graduation Information

Date: Friday June 5th @ 6pm
Where: CHS Quad

Gates will open at 4:30pm.  Everyone entering will need a ticket.  Children that sit in a seat will need a ticket.  Children who cannot walk and must be held, do not need a ticket.

There are no IN/OUT privileges.  Once you leave the ceremony, you will not be allowed to come back in.
Seating is first come, first served in the general seating area.  VIP seating area is reserved for our dignitaries.  Do not seat there.

Each graduate receives 10 tickets FREE of charge. There are no extra tickets!  If you need additional tickets, you may ask other families if they have tickets that they are not using.

BANNERS, POSTERS, and BALLOONS should remain in your car until after the ceremony.  If you bring in those items, you will be asked to stand in the back of the quad so you do not block the vision or view of other guests.

NO ARTIFICIAL NOISEMAKERS allowed at anytime.  Noisemakers will be confiscated and you will be removed from the ceremony by Gilroy Police.

Parking is a premium!  Please carpool as much as possible.  Arrive early as the parking lots fill up quickly.  We are expecting 5000 guests for the ceremony. If parking in adjacent neighborhoods, please be respectful and do not block driveways.  YOU WILL BE TOWED if blocking someone's driveway or parking along red curbs which designated emergency access pathways.