The trip is on May 16-17!

Mandatory Student Meeting!!!!!!!!!!

No meetings at this time

The Getty Center

This year we will be visiting the Getty Center also, The Getty offers exhibits of European and American art, from medieval times to the present.


Museum of Tolerance


Great Books by Holocaust Survivors

There are two books by Holocaust survivors that we have listened to during our trips.

Love, Survival and the American Dream by Solomon Bereger is the true story of two people who struggled for survival during the horrors of the Holocaust then miraculously fell ‘in love at first sight’ after the war and worked together to achieve their shared dreams for a better life.

Now in their 90s, Gusta and Solomon have been married for more than 60 years and live in Los Angeles with their large extended family.  Solomon speaks at museums and schools around the world, and Gusta takes good care of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.


Nightmares and Smiles by Mary Natan

This is a five year account of Mary's childhood spent in the notorious Nazi deathcamps. - A memoir of those harrowing times.