Student Services

Rosie Cid Castro Academic Coordinator- Full time
Department Chair
Students with last names:
Le through Ri

Marah Kuwada Academic Coordinator - Full Time

Students with last names:
A through Ga


Donya Maiorino Academic Coordinator- 80%

Students with last names:
Ro through Z

Brenda Garibay Academic Coordinator / Cal-SOAP - Full time
Cal-SOAP Counselor
Students with last names:
Ge through La



Fall 2019 Course Change Request


To request a course change please click on the link that corresponds with your last name and fill out the form. Please submit only one form. Thank you for your patience during this busy time!

Student w/Last Names:

A - F

G - K & Cal-SOAP 

L - Ri

Ro - Z

Academic Coordinators


College Application Workshops!!


Seniors at the Bridge to Gavilan Workshop