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Marah Kuwada- Academic Coordinator- Full Time

Direct: 669-205-5322 Ext: 241022

Students with last names beginning with:

9th - 12th grade: A thru Ga

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Rosie Cid-Castro - Academic Coordinator - Full Time; Department Chair

Direct: 669-205-5323 Ext: 241023

Students with last names beginning with:

9th - 12th grade: Le thru Ri

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Donya Maiorino -Academic Coordinator- 80%

Off on Thursdays

Direct: 669-205-5321 Ext: 241021

Students with last names beginning with:

9th-12th grade: Ro thru  Z


Brenda Garibay- Academic Coordinator/Cal-SOAP Counselor- Full Time

Direct: 669-205-5320 Ext: 241020

Students with last names beginning with

9th - 12th grade: Ge thru La

and all Cal-SOAP students



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CHS Course Change/Teacher Change Policy

Course and Teacher Change Request Policies

We do our best to place students in the courses that they initially request at their scheduling appointment. However, CHS may make changes to a student’s schedule based on previous grades, courses needed to graduate, and course availability.  No elective courses chosen are ever guaranteed. The deadline to request a course change for the 2017-18 school year was March 31, 2017.


A course change will only be considered in the following situations:

  1. To meet graduation requirements
  2. Scheduling error
  3. Students wishing to move up into AP/Honors courses. (Must be requested within the first two weeks of the school year, pending space in other classrooms and impact on overall schedule.)

** Note that there will be no moves DOWN, out of AP/Honors classes once the deadline for course changes has passed in the spring.


Teacher Change Requests:

As a rule, we do not consider or allow teacher change requests. Please also note that a sibling’s experience with a teacher does not qualify a student for a teacher change.


If a student has an issue with a teacher the student should always meet and address the issue with the teacher first- prior to any other action.  If, after the student has brought up the issue with the teacher and feels the issue has not been resolved- the following steps must be taken:

  1. Parent schedules a meeting with the teacher and student to address concerns and come up with interventions or steps to resolve the issue.
  2. If, after time has been given to allow interventions to work, and concerns continue, parent can schedule a conference with teacher, student and AC to facilitate an action plan.
  3. If, after allowing time to implement the action plan, concerns continue to exist, parent may request a meeting with the principal and the teacher to address concerns and consider the request for a change of teacher.  Please note that a change in teacher may require a change in the student’s class schedule and may result in several period/teacher changes.
  4. The principal will review the request and make the final decision.

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